Nevada Office of Veterans Services - Home Page

Nevada Office of Veterans Services - Home Page

The Nevada Office of Veterans Services operates many programs that benefit Veterans and their families in Nevada.

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HELLO I am going to write a small reveiw, as I live in an independent retirement center (supposed to help VETERANS sub, there rental agteement.) AGE 64 WITH TOTTALLY DISABLED NON SERVICE CONNECTED. SOME WHAT.
ON July 12 I paid all nec. dues to enter an independent living retirement with VA benifits, as of this date none an I mean none at SKY PEAKS INDEPENENT RETIREMENT CENTER ( due to multi manager changes have, not been able to get me a denial letter, an approval letter, not even after jumping thru hoopS since July 12 2011 to obtain the subsadised to match my large co- pay. I am so confuse I do not know at this time what forms I may need or got LOST,ie (a dd-214 form, was misplaced) x 3 months I am afraid I am going to be homeless as soon as the month ends eventhought I have paid my portation on the 3rd thursday of every month, faithfully... thinking the rest = to 1600usd. a month has been deposited to my home office each month... CAN U LEAD ME TO THE RITE FORMS, as this page is always helpful but end up in a dead corner I will help others any time . to help them not go thru this stress. VETERANS get there due if I can find my way throught this..ty.

by HOWARD L ROSE - 03/23/12 22:28:45 -
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by HOWARD L ROSE - 03/23/12 22:30:06 -
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