Welcome to Thru the Bible Radio--The Bible Study Program Taught by Dr. J. Vernon McGee!
Thru the Bible Radio

Welcome to Thru the Bible Radio--The Bible Study Program Taught by Dr. J. Vernon McGee! - Thru the Bible Radio

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How do I even put into words the delight of knowing I can wake up with the true and unadulterated Word of God being proclaimed in my ear. Dr. McGee's Bible Bus has continued all these years after his homegoing only because he was never the one driving it - our Lord was the driver and has continued. Dr. McGee was only the co-pilot (mixing my metaphors). My mind is filled with HIM before my feet even hit the floor and it is my delight to focus on HIM as the Word says - early will I seek HIM.

by Carol Webster - 06/16/10 09:20:20 -
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im a truck driver and i cant go every sunday to church but listening to mr bernon magy on i tunes helps me make my truck a church i really have learn so much from this effort that God has put in your hearts i do not have words to express my thanks

by ismael - 06/17/10 18:43:47 -
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I am not always able to listen but when i do i a blessed beyond words. The ministry of Dr. Vernon McGee is a testimony of what one can do for God and what God can do through anyone who submits to His will

In Christ Ken

by Pastor Ken McLymont - 07/21/10 09:44:23 -
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I am unable to listen to Dr. Vernon McGee today. One is no longer carrying this wonderful ministry. I have been listening to him for only one year on One, and have been blessed by the lessons I have heard on the Bible bus. I used to listen to Vernon McGee years ago when I would happen to tune in to one of his radio broadcast. Oh, I would get so excited to hear that country voice and oh the wisdom he imparted. Since I found him in my computer, I have looked forward to my time with Vernon McGee and the Lord each and every day. The scriptures came to life while listening to Dr. McGee. Once again he has gone out of my life. McGee's words, his voice, and his little country ways are going to be missed by many, and so much by me, if I can not locate him on the internet again.

by Beverly - 11/23/10 06:52:49 -
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Wonderful, wonderful Dr McGee!!! What a great work God has done in this man,and though he is gone to be with the Lord; his work lives bless others.
Dr McGees teaching has help me to grow closer and closer to My Savior.
After years it is always a delight to listen...and everytime to come to know the power of the Word of God always revealing something new, to renew our minds.
Praise Our Great God. Maranatha. Sep 06,2011

by Marguerite M. - 09/06/11 20:04:37 -
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after listening to Dr McGhee for a number years on radio which was sometimes hit and miss because of my schedule then i found him on the internet what a blessing that has been. May GOD bless this work and all those that diligently strive to bring and to expand on the wonderful word of GOD and Jesus and him crucified and raised from the dead and now sitting on GODs right hand as our Savior and our intercessor until GOD puts all his enemies under his foot stool when he will then return and and put away evil forever.And not one of Christ's believers will be lost.

by al pruett - 04/07/13 15:57:15 -
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I thank God for this ministry. Through them I receive a monthly reading guide and a booklet to study the bible. I also go online to hear the teachings that go along with the readings. I have truly been blessed.

by Anna - 05/28/13 16:46:51 -
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Please explain John 8:44... Jesus told the Jews that they were of their father the devil.

by Charlie - 06/02/13 12:36:13 -
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I really like Thru the Bible Bible Study, It was suggested to get on the mailing list in order to receive teaching material. My Name is: Theresa A. Lewis-White-Sugg, 14 Farley Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402, My E-mail Address,, are there more teachers on the radio show that also teach the whole Bible? that I can listen to through the internet? Could you send me that information. Thank You

by Theresa Lewis White Sugg - 03/26/14 09:56:43 -
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