SUN DRIED POPPIES-beautiful poppy pods shipped direct

SUN DRIED POPPIES-beautiful poppy pods shipped direct

Buy dried poppy pods on stems (with seeds) in four different presentations: regular, assorted, giant and jumbo. These poppies are carefully hand-picked and dried and come from family-owned farms in the Western U.S. that are preferred by top designers. Home page. meta name=verify-v1 content=g3Qko5UIKvi6bsg8uesuAUTa3dRcIC0rNWp1K88b2yI= /

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Please advise availability of pods at this time, we are pretty much interested
in large and xlarge in quantity. preferably gigathemum

407 4341 4594

by sameer Motlani - 08/14/10 12:40:29 -
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interested in sun dried poppies.pls get them back on your site.

by ri ky - 04/10/12 23:48:47 -
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interested in pods for crafting.

by john - 11/10/12 19:54:08 -
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