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They get one star, all though they don't even deserve that. They are dis-organized unprofessional. They don't know anything about the dogs except whats on their sheet. I applied for this husky named Sollie, I specifically asked if any one else had applied they told me no. i was approved to adopt then , i get told that one of their volunteers was going to adopt him so even though I applied first that doesn't matter. They refused to let me adopt this black lab named rocky cause in exact words "preferably to a home with a fence". although they were going to let me adopt another dog even though it said "needed a fence". There list is horribly out of date of whats available. one of there employees is an older lady named Joyce, dumb as a box of rocks, knows completely nothing, as well as ignored me when i was trying to ask questions about a particular dog.

by kai - 02/11/12 19:40:24 -
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I think that the VOLUNTEERS do an excellent job of finding the right homes for the right animals and vice versa! They screen out people who don't have time or patience for a dog they might want but doesn't fit their lifestyle and try to find a better match. I went back thru several lists of their dogs and didn't see a dog named "Sollie" so I don't know what group the previous reviewer was talking to but I doubt it was Second Chance Companions. There is another new group in the Vancouver area called "ANOTHER CHANCE" and people get the two confused all the time. I also happen to know a couple of the volunteers personally, and for not knowing anything about an animal on the list - if the animal is still with its owner (which most of them are, especially the dogs) the VOLUNTEERS can only tell you what the owner told them and that is what's on the listing!! They also don't go by the "first come, first served" policy since they want the best home for the animal! The list is printed out and updated once a week and put on the table at PetSmart for those people who don't have a computer. The website is updated daily! As for a VOLUNTEER named Joyce ignoring you, she was probably trying to help several people at once which is what I've seen happen before when there aren't enough VOLUNTEERS to help at these big events! Just the fact that she "is an older lady" means she probably has forgotten more than most people will ever know about SCC!! I would imagine she had told you that dog wasn't on the SCC listing and then got busy helping someone else with an animal they DID have listed. BTW, if you're wondering why I keep capitalizing the word "VOLUNTEERS" its because everyone in SCC is just that, a VOLUNTEER - no one gets paid or is an "employee"!!

by R.S. - 09/24/13 09:20:57 -
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