Unkers Medicated Pain Relief Salve PRO 10 Originals

Unkers Medicated Pain Relief Salve PRO 10 Originals

PRO 10 Originals is dedicated to produce and distribute a quality medicated and deep-penetrating product for individuals who are seeking relief from pain or discomfort due to arthritis, joint or muscle soreness, burns, coughs, colds, sinus problems, chapped hands or feet and psoriasis.

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Unkers deep penetrating pain reliefe , is without a doubt the best product on the market for any thing !!! I have been pleagued with dibilitating shoulder and knee pain for aprox 10 years ! I was up to 3 naproxin sodium daily with yet little results . an old friend used it religiouslu for her sore joints ,when she passed i received the rest of her container and use it at the onset of pain and within minutes it is gone and not to return for weeks , i just love the stuff . i am a 59 year old semi driver and also am a volunteer firefighter and have rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders and im here to tell you your product is the greatest thing since Peanutbutter ! i will never be without it ,I can finally sleep at night pain free, thank you .

by Joe Hodapp - 01/28/11 18:30:44 -
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I must say Unker's is the best salves I have ever used. It knocks out all the other brands by far! I suffers with sinus problems. Applying just a small amount under my nostrils each night for about three days makes me better every time. It has replaced all the sinus pills I use to take! It's a winner! Thanks Unker's

by Brenda Musgrove - 04/24/12 19:48:04 -
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