Welcome to Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office | Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman

Welcome to Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office | Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman

Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman - Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office

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Have you really gotten to the point of scaring young women who have never before been inside your jail to earn money? I'm from N.O., I worked for Mr. Charles Foti
for 3yrs. but I don't remember him going this far. Jasmine Nicole Grace is a young woman who was one of those fortunate ones in N.O. who never spent time in a
jail cell, she is also the Mother of my 3 Granddaughters who are with me in San
Antonio, Texas. In 2 more months she would have been out of that hell- hole of a city. 3500.00 for a traffic ticket, are u people serious? Did she have 50 of them?
She's scared and I know it, never being in that place before and that makes you an ogre, which is what I thought you were in the first place! For a young woman who works 12 to 14 hours a day, 6 days a week to take care of 4 daughters she doesn't deserve to go though this so you people can make an extra buck, her kids need her!

by Alexander - 11/02/13 02:22:21 -
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