Northstar Bank of Texas - Denton's only locally-owned full service community bank.

Northstar Bank of Texas - Denton's only locally-owned full service community bank.

Denton County's only locally-owned full service community bank. Branches: Denton, Lake Dallas, Argyle, Corinth ...

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I have been trying to get in but there are so many "www.nstarbank.com" I called your customer service and tried to explain. I got lots of pages about the bank but not the home page. Customer service just told me to go to another computer. I must not be able to use mine. Even though I had gotten on before. I am obviously on it again, but wasting 45 minutes and the frustration level makes me wonder if it is worth it.

by Anita McIntyre - 01/04/10 15:10:15 -
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I am not able to go to my favorites and log on to my local northstar bank!!! What's up with that? This is the closest I've gotten in a whole hour of trying and still not there???????

by dstone - 04/13/11 09:05:46 -
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velosity acct....unable to retrieve statements

by rosamondford - 03/09/13 11:46:46 -
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unable to retrieve statements at all.........same status..........have had no changes except to have tower checked for virus.........this is first use after work........advised me to change my password and would like to accomplish that since i had virus

by rosamondford - 03/09/13 11:53:37 -
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What's up with the homepage? I need to get to the homepage so I can get my bank statement and I cannt find it, can't get anybody to talk to? Is anybody there?

by shorty - 09/23/13 16:24:44 -
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