Lake Hemet Municipal Water District - Home

Lake Hemet Municipal Water District - Home

Lake Hemet Municipal Water District (LHMWD) is a public, non-profit agency with the most geographically diverse service area of any water district in Riverside County.

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I hate when people rent and use everyones name in the house to open a bill like water and do not pay then move away. These are people to watch out for if they rent from you. Deanna Kay MacGillivary,Jacques willis Broussard III and Elizabeth A. Watson. They all live together and use these names to turn on bills and move on when bills are to high to pay leaving others to pay them. So if you come accross these people be careful water company look in the computer and you can find them to pay your bills. Last placed lived was in 40749 Acacia ave in Hemet but again they moved on leaving bills unpaid.

by home owner - 02/22/10 10:27:02 -
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43695 earle ct.
Hemet ca. 92544

To whom it may consern, my grandma is terminally ill and on hospice, i take care of her in her home, i am her granddaughter. i had a question on if you have the program of some sort like a discount program. We have a doctors note for her utlility bills such as universal life line for the phone , i was wondering if you did as well , Thank you for your time


Sheri lynn costantino
march 26, 2010

by marjorie summer - 03/26/10 14:28:33 -
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I have been watching my bill go up and up, why am I surprised? I am now a disabled 63 year old with a right leg amputation. I dont shower like I used to because I cant. I dont irrigate my yard and most of it including thee fruit trees are dead. Drive by 44494 Meadowgrove and take a look. I have a new washer that uses 1/4 the water the old one did and I got rid of the pool 2 years ago/ With just me and my wife we use very little water. I have purposely covered the meter with plastic and then dirt to see what happens. Well nothing the dirt is still there and the plastic protecting the meter, so my wonder is what are you reading it sure isnt my meter, I have proved that to myself. I have drastically cut back in usage and the bill keeps going up from readings that are ficticious because the meter isnt read. Have a good day

by Gerald Logan - 04/30/10 10:21:54 -
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your website is bad. Cant find out how much my bill is. It is difficult to manage through, and us elderly stuck at home who need to pay bills online, well i just cant figure it out. All other utilities are easy, what is YOUR PROBLEM. Do you just not care, it seems like it from the other reveiws I've seen I bet you dont even read these

by miki - 06/07/10 20:46:18 -
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Water prices are 50 percent more than in riverside colton realto
and even in san jacinto 80 percent hire than EMWD in homeland romoland
I think the problem is over paid underworked employees and having to pay for repairs to old pipelines which is the cost of doing business and shouldn't
be shouldered on the public

by hemeter - 09/28/10 14:29:38 -
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LHWMD by far is poorly managed they went to the monthly billing and my bill seems to have doubled. The residents of lhwmd are stuck paying these generous salaries and of those starting with Mr.Wagoner, the general manager. All of these people feel entitled becuse in the private sector for the most part you earn your wages these are public employees, hopefully reality will set in one day.

by elmer ramos - 10/01/10 13:10:33 -
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Every month I get charged $3 for being delinquent! The reason why is because I don't get any bill except the red shut off notice!!! All my bills are paid early and NEVER late except for this one. I don't get an email and don't get any other bill from LHMWD. I'm mad as hell! I pay more than enough without a late charge. I wonder how many other people they are doing this to.

by susan - 10/13/10 08:52:13 -
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I have been looking through your web site so Ican look at my old water bills from the past 3 years on my home.
How do I do that ???????
Thanks for your help.

5695 Lincoln Ave.
Hemet, CA 92544

by Gene Archer - 10/31/10 17:57:24 -
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This is NOT the LHMWD website! This shows the Home Webpage but to access it try www.lhmwd.org.

by LHMWD - 11/12/10 11:17:28 -
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This is NOT the LHMWD website! If you want a short cut from here, click on the Home Page picture at the top of this page. Or type in your http://www.lhmwd.org and then save it to your favorites for future use. :)

by LHMWD - 11/12/10 11:19:43 -
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This site is CRAZY! I think i am going to start a law suit against this site

by Liz - 11/14/10 21:45:31 -
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Geeze.... My bill has been $48-50 and suddenly it jumped to $172.00!!!! WTH! I even turned off sprinkler system because of rain hoping it would drop. No way can this be right.

by Penny Hudson - 01/15/11 17:40:31 -
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Well, yes my bill had escalated. I have some financial set backs at this time and have had A LOT of difficulty paying my bill on time. Also , due to the fact I forget what the date is sometimes on top of not having the cash to even pay and need to borrow money just to survive. Then the weight of not knowing when I will have the ability to pay it back and knowing this will be a reoccurring "thing"? Anyways...a COMPLIMENT !! Ms. Ashley is so compassionate, professional, and understanding. She is great!!! ASHLEY has been at the front desk to help and you should be proud to have her there!! Thank you Ashley!

by one guess?? - 08/01/12 21:28:59 -
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