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Live, local, late-breaking, KCAL 9 is one of the leading news and sports networks in Los Angeles with the only 3 hour news block in prime time.

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sup,im bored :(

by bob - 10/25/12 22:54:06 -
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LOng Beach Airport. THey whoever They are? Spent 139 MILLION thats 139 homes 5,000 sq ft in Moorpark California. Less in Palmdale That would be 695,000 square feet of Structure . We can argue cose of the oof site in That So I will give you 350,000 Sq ft of Structure on land you own. I have not been to Long Beach Airport since remodle so How many sq ft was it? The airport was not broken and now its fixed?139MILLION That wil NEVER be paid. What is the deal here?? They beauty of that airport was it was one of the easiest airports to take a flight from. Brakfast up stairs was cheep and old fashioned. Now Lost im sure. I would love to hear from Commercial contractor who builds and figure how big remodel was and cost.139Million . How big is what they built/ square footage?

by Fritz Kling - 03/17/13 00:21:51 -
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