Harris County Hospital District

Harris County Hospital District

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Acres Homes Clinic referred me to LBJ Hospital for a ultrasound.. Noone advised me that I would have to pay for parking. After driving from North Houston to LBJ, I found no open parking area..You must pay a $6.00 parking fee...I have a gold card because I'm unemployed...Paying $10.00 co-payment is difficult enough. I can't belive you are forcing patients to pay for parking. So I did not have the $6.00...I cancelled the appointment and pray to God thatmy fibroids are not malignant.....

by Will not pay for parking~~~ - 11/28/11 17:27:10 -
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Dental center follow-up appointments, Call every day saturday to saturday at 6:00 a.m. still no appt. Got to be a better way than begging every morning I understand the dental dept. is sub-contracted out ,someone please look into the dental dept. patients are in pain.

by taylor kaffey - 11/01/12 20:00:23 -
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Someone from MLK/Swingle called me one business day before my scheduled psychiatrist appointment to inform me my insurance was no longer accepted. Now I have to wait 3 months to get an appointment with another clinic. Thank you for being so damn professional.

by carolyn riley - 12/06/12 09:08:40 -
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Strawberry clinic dental service: it seems that each time I go in
For an appointment. The receptionist is never to be found. Once she enrolled me starts asking a multitude of questions. I understand these questions are asked but realistically what kind of privacy does one have if the receptionist is all loud about asking each question.

by Mayra paredas - 01/28/13 08:28:33 -
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I had been waiting since 2010 to have a Hysterectomy. After waiting patiently I finally had all the testing done and was scheduled for Surgery, I was notified that I had to renew my Gold Card. That was in Jan. now here we are in April and still have not been renewed. They said I need some additional paperwork that I faxed, mailed in and went in person to give it to them and still nothing. Do they not know what they are doing over there? Do they just hire any Dumb people?

by ANGRY AS HELL - 04/23/13 12:54:03 -
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this palce sucks

by rhonda - 06/24/13 08:31:02 -
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my e mail is kimnet49@yahoo.com I applied for financial assistance.. they stamped on my paper acknowledging that they received my papers on August 16,2013..so far I haven't got the reply from them I saw No. 584178 Kim Lien Triet on the piece of paper with HCHD stamp, my social security is 089 50 8976 BD July 20,1949...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!MAny thanks

by kimtriet - 11/13/13 08:59:27 -
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my appointment was cancel on february 4, 2014 was icey day the clinic call me an cancel they said they call me back in 3 day . i,m still waiting my windos tooth are hurting ,they where going to pull them out .MRN#007404620 please help Thank you

by Javier Rodriguez - 02/09/14 14:36:19 -
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