Forest Grove School District

Forest Grove School District

Forest Grove School District - Washington County, Oregon K12 - Located in beautiful Forest Grove, Oregon ...

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This school is fucking out-right terrible. I hope the goddamn people running this piece of shit shut it down so these fucking rejects they call children could maybe, just maybe have a chance at a good education. The staff neglects the childrens needs. In on classroom I saw one teacher putting on makeup (probally to get prett and fuck the janitor) while one student urinated all over himself and cried. She then screamed at the child and sent him to the office where the dead beat secretaries just let him sit there in his own filth for two hours untill school was over. In all, I think i will call CPS on this school if thing do not change soon. 0/10

by Anony Mous - 03/02/11 10:43:52 -
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