CRYSTAL GEYSER alpine spring water

CRYSTAL GEYSER alpine spring water

Welcome to Crystal Geyser alpine spring water website. Click here to find out why Crystal Geyser alpine spring water is the best choice for freshness, purity and taste. Learn more about our partnerships by clicking here. Come to know our standards of quality in this section. Find out the healthy benefits of drinking Crystal Geyser alpine spring water every day. See the full line of product ...

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I've been a crystal Geyser user for many many years but i Have decided to switch because of the packaging that the company now uses. The carton have no solid bottom ( CARDBAOARD AS IN THE PAST) and as a result, the bottles. which are now much thinner plastic, are wrapped tightly. This causes the thin plastic on the bottles to be deformed, and have numerous areas that are subject ot crack and leak as well as keeping the bottle from sitting straight upright on the counter.hyw

by Jackie - 03/16/13 16:35:36 -
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