Welcome to Body Masters- Quality Commercial Strength Equipment

Welcome to Body Masters- Quality Commercial Strength Equipment

Since 1979, Body Masters has provided the highest quality commercial strength training equipment available to enhance the fitness levels of people all over the world. We design, manufacture and distribute a full line of selectorized, plate-loaded, leverage and free weight equipment.

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..Scott indicates they are not BodyMasters and do not represent anything even remotely involved in the old company pre-2011. But on this site they say 1979. WT he!! is going on? I think they are hiding and are in the process of selling equipment that they refuse to acknowledge as the same company as the old equipment, or are a shady entity and beware of giving them any information or money especially as it would pertain to warranty of support.
j t talley

by jt - 08/06/12 16:24:00 -
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ps: Scott represents himself a just a salesman, but refuses to offer any information other than denying his company actually exists under the name shown here.

by jt - 08/06/12 16:25:35 -
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Horrible service..poor quality equipment....buyer beware!!!

by Bob - 08/06/12 16:27:30 -
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