Extramoney - the giftcard that's accepted virtually everywhere

Extramoney - the giftcard that's accepted virtually everywhere

More versatile than store cards or gift certificates, extramoney giftcards can be used virtually everywhere credit cards are accepted. These easy-to-order gift cards are gift-wrapped and delivered. ...

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by JOELJOSE Y.CALVO. - 02/14/13 09:05:51 -
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this is the 3rd rebate card I have receved for tires. each time you tell me if I use it in a restraunt I must give a 20% tip./ and if I doi=o not and the amount is more after the tip my card will be rejected. I put in for a 60.00 rebatge not a 60.00 rebate that requires me to give a 20% tip. I will be contacting the state agency that hs control over false advertising and possibly even starting a class action suit on behalf of all you have done this to.

by warren mecham - 08/10/13 22:10:48 -
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Activated the card, it said the card was activated but tried to use it twice, both time declined. Next time just send me cash or take the $60.00 off the price of the tires at time of purchase

by Greg Becker in Oregon - 08/28/13 09:02:37 -
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We found the residence to be very nice and a great place to stay.
We would definitely be back to stay and bring guest and inform
our friends about this community.
Thank You for your hospitality.

Maria Laracuente
Ruben Flores

by Ruben Flores - 04/19/14 16:42:32 -
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